Keller Offers

What is Keller Offers?

Keller Offers empowers homeowners with valuable options when selling, buying, or improving their home. They can receive a Cash Offer, get Ready to Sell with our renovation program, or buy their next home with a trusted real estate professional by their side, every step of the way. Love your home? Homeowners can also get Ready to Stay with home renovations and flexible financing options.

Cash Offer Program

Looking to sell your home? Find out what a Cash Offer could look like on your home. Leverage agent representation to ensure your understand all of your options. Once you receive our Cash Offer, you have a choice to sell now, renovate, or list with our team.
  • No obligation or hassle
  • No showings or Open House
  • No Buyer Contingencies
  • Close on Your Timeline
  • Receive a response within 72 hours

Ready to Sell Program

Prepare your home for the market and optimize your home's market value while avoiding up-front costs.
  • Take care of Pre-Listing Home Inspection items to get your home ready for the market and present your home in its best light
  • Stand out in the market and attract more buyers with just a few simple improvements
  • Improve your home's marketability
  • Prep your home for the market without any up-front costs
  • Utilize our trusted network of program vetted vendors eliminating the stress to find them on your own.

Ready to Stay Program

Home improvement project with the flexibility of various financing options.
  • Make much-needed improvements to your home with no up-front costs.
  • Pick the loan that best fits your needs with multiple finance options.
  • Remove the stress of finding and vetting vendors by using ours.
  • Return on investment. Get support from our Keller Offers Team.

Covered Services:
  • Flooring Replacement/Repair
  • Carpet Cleaning/Replacement
  • Deep-Cleaning
  • Cosmetic Renovations
  • Landscaping
  • Interior and Exterior Painting
  • Roofing Repair
  • Kitchen Improvements
  • Bathroom improvements
  • Staging
For Sale Sign

Sell or List on your timeline. Know all your options.

  • Receive an all cash offer with no financial contingency
  • Avoid showings on your property
  • Avoid having to prepare your house to sell
  • Choose your closing date - you can move out 15-90 days after closing.
  • A Local REALTOR will represent you, not the iBuyer, and help you determine if this is the best option for you.
  • As a seller, you are under no obligation to accept the Keller Offers' offer if it doesn't meet your needs.
Kellers Offers

The Keller Offers Difference

In May 2019, Keller Williams launched Keller Offers, an iBuyer division of Keller Williams. It's an important additional option to traditional home sales that KW agents will be able to offer their sellers. KW enters the space with one goal in mind: to support and protect both the consumer and agents while minimizing cost.

Just like with any iBuyer, consumers who use Keller Offers are able to sell their home through a simple, convenient, and near-instant process. They will benefit from options, including an immediate, all-cash offer and the ability to select their own closing date ranging from as little as two weeks to 90 days.

And with Keller Offers, sellers are also represented by a KW agent. Using their knowledge of often complicated local real estate requirements, agents will guide sellers through what is traditionally an automated iBuying process that can make it tricky to get expert guidance. Agents function as local advisors and consultants, a role they've long served—and will continue to serve—helping consumers to truly understand every phase of the process.

How it works?

Step 1

Submit request online for cash offer

Step 2

To ensure that you receive the most accurate cash offer, a Local Keller Offers Certified Agent will contact you to gather additional information about your property.

Step 3

Once the cash offer is received from Keller Offers, your Local Keller Offers Certified Agent will provide you a net sheet to show you the "net proceed" by going with the cash offer compared to going the traditional route.

Step 4

Homeowners can decline or accept the offer with no obligation.

Step 5

If Seller accepts the cash offer, with help from the KW agent, they will sign the paperwork.

Step 6

Inspections will take place on the property.

Step 7

After analysis of the inspection report, Keller Offers will provide a repair request back to the home owners. If you don't agree to the repair request, you can back out of the contract without any penalty.

Step 8

If you agree to the repair request you will move forward and choose your close date!


How is Keller Offers different from other iBuyer Platforms?

The biggest difference is that with Keller Offers you will have an agent who will represent you during the often automated iBuyer process. Many times when other iBuyers provide their pricing back to the homeowner, it's in a format that makes it very confusing to understand how much the convenience is actually going to cost you compared to selling their house the traditional way. Your Local Keller Offers Certified Agent will provide you a new sheet which compares the cost for both solutions and provides you a "true net number" not just what it could be.

What types of homes does Keller Offers purchase?

Keller Offers will not purchase all properties on the market. They will purchase the following types of properties: homes in Jacksonville built on or before 2005, maximum offer price of $500,000, single family homes, condos where the HOA fee is less than $ 350/month. Other limitations may apply. Your Local Keller Offers Certified Agent could assist you.

If I request an offer, is there any cost or obligation to me?

Requesting an offer from Keller Offers is free and there is absolutely no obligation to sell.

Is Keller Offers available in Jacksonville?

Yes, Keller Offers is available within most of the zip codes in Jacksonville.

Which homes will Keller Offers not make cash offers on?

Keller Offers will not make cash offers on condos with HOAs over $ 350 per month, single family homes which have had sinkholes at the property, adjacent to it or catty corner to the property, or when HOA requires background check/SSN of Principle of Buyer.

If you have any further question please feel free to to Contact Us.
Exclusively offered by a Keller Offers Certified IBuyer Agent of Keller Williams Realty

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